1. Humanitarian Snapshot Reports on Kerala Floods and Landslides – 2018

Humanitarian Snapshot Report 11 Aftermath of the floods in Kerala as on 6 Nov 2018 _V3

Humanitarian Snapshot Report 10 Flood situation in Kerala as on 20 August 2018

Humanitarian Snapshot Report 9 Flood situation in Kerala as on 11 August 2018 (2)

Humanitarian Snapshot Report 8 Flood situation in India (01- 10 August 2018)

Humanitarian Snapshot Report 7 Flood situation in India (22- 29 July 2018). jpg

2. Unified Response Strategy ( URS)  Matrix on Kerala Flood 2018

Requesting to fill the attached URS matrix with complete information and share back to us at or in MIS (below-pasted link) for sharing your response information and response plan information at earliest. The updated information will be cross share among humanitarian agencies responding /planning to respond in Kerala to avoid duplication and build common understanding among different stakeholders, for an organized and coordinated response for greater outreach to affected people.

So far, 172 humanitarian agencies have filled the URS Matrix reaching out to approx. of 73000 Households with a total population of 3.6 lakh approx. from more than 1000 villages as on 6th  December 2018.

Sphere India has shared a link to the following spreadsheet:

URS Matrix’s Resource Mapping and Planning – Kerala Flood in India 2018: 1. State level URS 2. Districts IAG Charter URS Matrix  or

Open in Sheets


The source of the information updated on the 3W  maps is as per the information provided on Sphere URS Matrix on Kerala flood accessed at 

Please write to us at in case if your agencies name has been missed out / in case if you have not yet updated your organization response/planning activities in the URS Matrix.

3W Map State Level_Kerala Flood 2018


3. Joint Detailed Needs Assessment Report for Kerala Foods 2018

The Multi-Sector Joint Detailed Needs Assessment (MS- JDNA) report on Kerala flood 2018 can be accessed at JDNA Main Report_Kerala Floods 2018

And, the MS-JDNA Report with more detailed information on Protection Sector can be accessed at JDNA Report Kerala foods 2018 with detailed Protection Sector Report

The sectoral report’s title is posted below and details information can be accessed by clicking into it :

All word and PDF documents reports can be accessed at

Kerala JDNA Process


On behalf of Sphere India, we are thankful to Government of Kerala for their support in strengthening the Inter-Agency coordination process in Kerala. We are also grateful to all the District Collectors, PRI Members and other emerging local initiatives for their whole-hearted involvement in the IAG strengthening & assessment process. We are especially appreciative of the commitment and spirit of the volunteers and communities who participated in the process of data collection exercise.

We would like to specially thanks all our sector leads organizations as mentioned in Annexure for their role in the entire process of assessment from finalization of tools, training of volunteers, data analysis and report writing. We will also like to acknowledge the support and technical inputs received for development of the assessment tools and facilitation of the assessment process by Mr.Puneet Srivastava of Water Aid, Mr.Manish Jain of Islamic Relief, Ms. Annie George & Ms. Charu Bist of UNDP, Dr. Meeta Mathur of ACF, Dr.Pavan Murthy of WHO, Mr. Rama Rao of Child Fund India, Mr. Pabhat of Save the children, Mr. Ajay & Mr. Rajendra of NCDHR, Mr. Abhilash of Plan India, The consistent effort and support extended by other Sphere India members who participated in the process with their valuable inputs is also highly appreciated. We are thankful to IGSSS, Oxfam India, WaterAid, Caritas India, CARE India, World Vision India, Child Fund India, Save the Children India and Change Alliance for providing logistic and other support for enabling participation of volunteers. A special thanks to all the local partner NGOs and academic institutions without whose help it won’t have been possible to consolidate this effort. Sphere India is grateful for their valuable contributions. It won’t be possible to name all but we would like to thank all stakeholders, advisors, professionals who have contributed to the process.

Vikrant Mahajan CEO, Sphere India

4. The Collated Assessment Report from Organisation level Assessment Report: Kerala Flood 2018 ( 15.08.2018)

THE COLLATED ASSESSMENT REPORT FROM ORGANISATION LEVEL ASSESSMENT REPORTS: KERALA FLOOD 2018 (15.08.2018) 15.08. 2018 Collated Assessment report from organization level assessment reports

5. Minutes of the Inter-Agency Coordination (IAC) meeting on Kerala flood

5.1. State level IAG meeting minutes and IAC minutes at National level can be accessed at:

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-26 at 5.06.23 PM


WhatsApp Image 2018-11-30 at 6.32.08 PM

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-30 at 6.32.08 PM (1)


Understanding the importance of the plan and that of the views of stakeholders who are either victims or are responders to disasters, Oxfam India in collaboration with Sphere India, State Inter Agency Groups and partners has led a process of consultation to take inputs from relevant stakeholders on the draft NDMP. In this process, 11 district, 4 state and 1 National Consultation were organized covering the states of Assam, Bihar, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala accessed at A report on making india’s national dm plans inclusive

We are happy to share with you a compiled report developed based on these consultations. The report highlights the rationale, the process and the recommendations derived from these consultations. We believe this will be really helpful for NDMA to make the NDMP, 2018 inclusive. We are also sharing all the State and District Consultation Reports for any further reference (these can be accessed at )

Though the time for organizing these consultations was very short, we have attempted to bring 351 practitioners and experts from government and NGOs, the affected communities and their representatives in a common platform to discuss the plan and to give suggestions for improvement of the same. We believe that such a process will be fairly useful and relevant if it is carried out at scale covering the entire nation.

Minutes of the Inter-Agency Coordination (IAC) meeting on Kerala flood

Districts level Inter-Agency Groups (IAG) meeting minutes can be accessed at:

5.1. Minutes of IAG- Alappuzha district:-

5.2. Minutes of IAG-Ernakulam district

5.3. Minutes of IAG-Wayanad district

5.4. Minutes of IAG-Thrissur district

5.5.  Minutes of IAG-Idukki district

5.6. Minutes of IAG-Palakkad district

5.7.  Minutes of IAG-Kottayam district

5.8. Minutes of IAG-Pathanamthitta district

5.9. Minutes of IAG-Kozhikode district

  • Orientation on MS JDNA Tool ( to – be – uploaded soon)

5.10 Minutes of IAG- Malappuram

6. One to one individual meetings reports

 48 Individuals One to One


Disclaimer: Sphere India makes every effort to verify the information contained in this page on overview of Kerala flood -2018. As the ground situation changes rapidly in emergency situations, users should check with concerned agencies before making any decisions based on the information provided in this report.

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