Heavy monsoon rains began on September 2, 2014 in Jammu and Kashmir region leading to heavy flooding. On September 3, a border security officer and five others were killed in landslides and flash floods triggered by heavy rain the Jammu region. The Jammu and Kashmir government sounded a flood alert for the state on September 4 after three days of incessant rain had flooded 23 villages. By September 6 the flooding was recognized as the worst in 50 years and the death toll had risen to 150. (September 11, reports claim that it is the worst flood in 109 years). Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, Omar Abdulla, estimated on September 6 that 390 villages were inundated. The Prime Minister declared a national emergency on the 7th of September.

01_Administrative Map
Five days of heavy rain abated over the weekend, but flood waters in Srinagar have risen dramatically. The Jhelum river has flooded large parts of the city and forced residents onto rooftops.

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